In 2009, Robin & Jerry Kempfer (pictured above) approached Rhythm & Booms, a local fireworks festival, and asked them if they had a running event at their festival. They only asked because they were looking to sign up for a run before the fireworks. When the festival organizer’s answer was, “we do not have a run but if you would like to organize one, we would be happy to have it”, Jerry started researching how to start a 5K run. The next summer, the first Run To The Rhythm 5 Miler was born. The run was featured in Runners World magazine and people from as far away as the Czech Republic participated. From that day forward, Starting Line Events was born and has brought several events to Madison, WI.
In January of 2019, Starting Line Events purchased another event company and changed the name to Madison Events, Inc. and have added more events to their line-up as well as several part-time employees.
In the first 10 years, they raised over $100K for local charities and have started their own non-profit, Run Strong Madison, Inc. which will help raise even more money in the future

We Produce & Manage events and festivals, from concept to completion​

At Madison Events, Inc., we specialize in community-based running events & festivals with a focus on charitable giving.  We design and build full festivals, beer fests, races, walks, fun runs and kid’s runs for existing events and new events that want to increase their charitable giving.  We can handle every concept of event design, promotion and execution or simply manage your current event.

Races designed with runners in mind

We design our courses based on where the start and finish will be, some courses are challenging and some are fast but we always look for the most scenic route for the participants.  We then use a series of analog and digital measuring devices to get the most accurate course possible.  The last step is to have our Race Team run the course a minimum of 10 times to ensure that the course is as perfect as can be.  A few days before the race, we run the course again to make sure there are no potholes, broken glass or debris on the course.  It’s the little things that make our events such a big success.

We work with you one on one

Our team is dedicated to producing the best event possible, when you hire Madison Events, Inc., you’re hiring a Partner.  It is important that your Course Management Team communicates and works with you every step of the way. If you need help with your current event or want to start a new one, contact one of our friendly Team Members today to see how we can help you.